What is Asset Progression Plan?

Asset Progression is a plan to enhance the value of your net worth. Especially in Singapore, Property Asset Progression essentially refers to the growing of one’s wealth through carefully planned investments in properties. It is a long term plan that one has to follow very closely. It involves in-depth meticulous financial planning and guidance.

The end objective of Asset Progression Plan is to allow the person to build up a good retirement fund in his or her golden years through sound investment in properties. Like all investments, the earlier you start, the more time it has to grow in value. There are various techniques to approach asset progression plan depending on the life stage you are in and your unique circumstances.

Asset Progression Strategies
Andy Goh – Asset Progression Strategies

Asset Progression Case Study 1

Mr and Mrs Ng owned a 4 room HDB BTO flat in Punggol. Their plan was to sell off their existing 4-Room HDB flat and purchase a Resale HDB Executive Maisonette to accommodate their growing family size

But after some in-depth financial calculations, they realised that there is a better way to build their assets and grow their wealth in the long term.

They have since upgraded to private property without using any of their savings, and even had a healthy reserve fund of $128,000! With a clear asset progression road map planned for them, they are even thinking of investing in a 2nd property 2 years later.

Asset Progression Case Study 2

Andy & Susan, a 36 years old couple with a household income of $11,000, sought my advice for selling their existing 5 room flat and upgrade to a 3 bedroom private condominium.

However, after an in-depth financial calculation, they learnt a better way to grow their assets and build their wealth. Today they own a 3 bedroom Condominium AND a Studio apartment with a balance of close to $100k cash.

In fact, they are now paying lesser than they would have due to their passive income collected from the studio apartment rental!


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